William F. Miller's "Traveling Road Show" is the most effective
sales and marketing tool in the marine industry!

Each year, the Gypsy Jamboree schedule is strategically planned to maximize exposure within our sales territory.  All customer personnel are invited to come on board to view the latest products and newest technology from key factory participants.  New relationships are formed.  New products are tested.  New concepts are developed.  

During this past run, the Gypsy Jamboree traveled 16 states and made 107 stops throughout the next 22 weeks.  The truck took periodic breaks during the holiday season and finished in late January. Loaded with new displays and products from the majority of our factories, our customers got a first hand look at the latest marine industry trends...all brought right to their doorstep.  Each year, it is a "win-win" situation for everyone! 

Don't just take our word for it.  Read these testimonials:

“It’s a very, very good idea.  Creativity is the heart and sole of the marine industry, and the Gypsy Jamboree is pretty darn creative.”
-  Steve Potts, Owner, Scout Boats

"Thank you for providing the Gypsy Jamboree experience.  Its like bringing IBEX to our back door!  It is especially efficient to meet with numerous suppliers, who show a good representation of their products, all at one time.  It also allows many of our technicians and builders the opportunity to see new products which stimulates their creativity and passion for improvement.“
-  Kris Carroll, President, Grady-White Boats

“The Gypsy Jamboree gives our whole team a chance to dial into the newest products and technologies available to NauticStar. This is one of the only opportunities that I can have my engineering team, purchasing team, and marketing team looking at these products under one roof. Having the factory people come to the plant is key in that we have the opportunity to let them know our wishes and challenges. It is a trade show in the NauticStar parking lot!”
- Phil Faulkner, Owner, NauticStar Boats

“The Gypsy Jamboree is a productive way for the staff here at Contender to get a look at the products available from all of the great companies that William F. Miller represents.  It is a good opportunity for those who do not attend the industry trade shows to interact directly with vendors.  We are already looking forward to the next time the Gypsy comes to visit.”
-  Chris Becker, Engineer, Contender Boats

“The Gypsy is a great tool for ORA Designs in that our products are shown to perspective customers that might never see our potential without the Gypsy and dedication of the sales team. The entire team at William F. Miller makes a point to introduce ORA to all of their customers during the Gypsy which in turn has resulted in numerous follow up appointments. This has allowed ORA to get in front of customers instantly instead of the long sales cycle we are sometimes faced with in the Marine Industry.”
- Jason Laub, Owner, ORA Design Group

"William F. Miller’s Gypsy Jamboree is similar to an “IBEX roadshow.” It is a great way to communicate with key decision makers without any distractions. We were able to visit ALL of our key accounts, and show them ALL of our products – ultimately realizing new business commitments as a direct result. Participating on the Gypsy jamboree is a very positive experience, and well worth the investment we put into it!"
- Matt Wood, Marine Industry Manager, ASA Electronics

"I would be remiss if I failed to mention how honored I was to be a part of such an incredible event. The constant interaction between the customers, manufacturers and the reps was outstanding and it is difficult to put into words the experience I gained from this. I am still chasing the opportunities this incredible sales tool produced!"
- Andrew Drumm, Great Lakes Manufacturing

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